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If It's April... may have forsythia blooming in yours or a neighbors yard. Forsythia is an easy shrub to grow and its bright yellow flowers are always among the first to make an appearance when winter begins to loosen its grip. I already have white butterflies in my backyard and these early bloomers provide food for insects and bees that are waking up. No forsythia? Let the dandelions bloom. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, leave the leaves a little longer; late April would be nice.

The Garden Club meeting for April will be a field trip to Hall's Woods in Bainbridge. We will meet at the clubhouse April 11 at 9:30am and then carpool over to the Woods. Once at the Woods we will hike down to Big Walnut Creek to see the bluebells that grow along the banks. We'll have lunch at Myers Dari-ette in Bainbridge. You are most welcome to join us. Stay tuned in case we have to change the date if the flowers aren't blooming as yet.

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