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IMeet Your Neighbors!


This is the place where you can connect and get to know your Heritage Lake Community neighbors!


Hello HL Neighbors!  This is your “Meet Your HL Neighbor” blogger, Nancy Burcham!

Changing up the format of our blog to more of an interview style.

I want to make it easy for you to share and connect with other Heritage Lake neighbors.

There are a couple of ways you can participate.  I would love to talk with you directly to gather a little bit about you and your family and what you like most about being a part of the Heritage Lake Community.  Or, if you prefer to participate electronically, I will send you the writing prompts and you can send me your responses.

Let me know when you are ready to share, and I will introduce you to the HL community via our “Meet Your Neighbor” blog on the HLCS web page. 

Text or call me at 317-698-5230 or email me to let me know that you would like to participate.

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