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Hotter'n A Firecracker

Hopefully by the time you read this, the heat wave will have passed and more moderate temperatures will be in place. The Garden Club was fortunate to have had its meeting before this heat set in. We went to Tree Frog Gardens in the outskirts of Danville. This is a beautiful commercial garden planted on private property about 40 years ago. It is worth a visit. We were joined by new resident Donna Floyd. We're happy to make your acquaintance, Donna, and look forward to seeing you again.

In July, the club will travel to Greencastle to visit the DePauw Nature Walk. We will meet at the Clubhouse, Thursday July 11 at 9:30am and carpool to DePauw. Afterwards, we hope to have lunch at the universitys cafeteria.

Keep yourselves and your plants happy with plenty of hydration during this hot weather. We'll see you in July.

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