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ABCs of Heritage Lake "T" Transportation

Updated: Apr 5

By: Michelle Reed

T - Transportation

This is specifically about a super convenient transportation option between the lake and the airport, perfect for those not wanting to leave their cars at the airport. This brilliant idea was born out of Mary Nice's offer to provide safe rides home on New Year's Eve this past year. She felt a need to help people by offering a safe ride home after their New Year's celebrations. What started out as 2 reservations, quickly turned into 16+ car rides home January 1st. She enjoyed doing it and meeting new people.

Mary Nice has a heart of gold and is always looking for a way to help others. Her name fits her well. She has been a Heritage Lake resident since 2016 and lives with her husband Jon and their adorable rescue dogs, Emma, Daisy, and Shredder. She stays busy doing house and animal sitting, in addition to working part time as a home health care RN here in Putnam County and surrounding areas. In her spare time, she volunteers in the community and is always willing to offer a helping hand. This is just another example of her extending a nice neighborly gesture.

If you are flying and would like a ride to and from the airport, give Mary a call. Below is a reservation form which includes her contact phone number for any questions you might have.

Thanks Mary for always thinking of ways to help others. This really is a great transportation option when flying.

Just to be clear, Mary only offers this to Heritage Lake residents.

You can scan the QR code with your smartphone or just click the following image to view and fill in the reservation form.

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