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ABCs of Heritage Lake: "S" - Summer Fun

To say, I have been sidetracked would be putting it mildly. Besides being busy with business, we have been hustling to HS baseball games, working on a kitchen renovation, and getting ready for our oldest daughter's upcoming wedding.

Let me pick up, where I left off with the

⛵ABCs of Heritage Lake⛵

S-Summer Fun

You don't have to be a kid to be excited about the summer. It's lake season!! There are an endless number of opportunities here at the lake and nearby to get out and enjoy the summer fun. Below I have attached numerous schedules of events happening this summer.

📣Huge thanks to all those volunteers who have spent countless hours planning the fun, we all get to enjoy!!

These are just a few, I know there will be 4H fairs, fishing tournaments, and more. If you have any schedules that you would like me to include, just reach out to me.

UPDATE-Just updated the concert schedule image, after noticing a change had been made.

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