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ABCs of Heritage Lake: "Q"- Quilt & Stitch Club

ABCs of Heritage Lake

Q - Quilt and Stitch Club

Years ago, it was called the Quilt Club, but as people seem to enjoy all sorts of projects, they renamed it the Quilt and Stitch Club. Some members quilt, while others enjoy cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, and other related projects. They meet every Tuesday in the Clubhouse at 1pm. It is a great group that enjoys an afternoon of delightful conversation and fellowship, while working on their individual projects. All are welcome to join in the fun.

Sherry Mitchem creates Prayer Blankets which are specially created with a specific person in mind that is in need of prayers. Once completed, she takes the finished prayer blanket to Canaan Church where she has a prayer group. What a special way of showing love to those in need of prayers! Sherry’s dedication to her project is very special to the club members and they all share in the joy these blankets bring to people.

The Quilt and Stitch Club provides a way to meet your neighbors while working on a project. What projects are you working on or would love to do? I have always wanted to learn how to hand knit those chunky blankets. The Quilt and Stitch Club might be the perfect place to try it out and socialize. Hopefully, I will see you there sometime!

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