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ABCs of Heritage Lake: "R" - Rick Miller

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

ABCs of Heritage Lake

R - Rick Miller

Rick Miller is a lifelong Hoosier and has lived at the lake full time for 24 years. He has been married to Pam for 53 years and has 2 wonderful sons, one living in and one near Chicago, plus three awesome teenage grandchildren. Rick is a proud Army veteran and through a twist of fate, or divine intervention, avoided Vietnam duty and served at the Pentagon where he got his first computer training that led to a great career in Information Systems.

Rick's hobbies include boating, fishing, music, riding his motorcycle, and lakeside campfires with friends and neighbors. Fun music fact is that he can play a guitar reasonably well, sing not so much.

In his professional career lasting over 40 years, he was President of multiple companies and used technology to help build them up from as low $50 to over $500 million and often helped sell them to continue their growth path. Recently, he used some of this experience to contribute to HL activities, including publishing the Highlights, the HLCS web site, developing the system supporting the Watercraft Operating Permit testing, and more recently the deployment of the Emergency Texting System. He is currently serving on the Heritage Lake POA Board and is its liaison to the HL Lake Committee.

Volunteering is in his DNA. Some of Rick’s noteworthy volunteer accomplishments he is particularly proud of include being a Chapter President and State Director of the Indiana Jaycees, State President of the Indiana JCI Senate, and the Parliamentarian of the U.S. JCI Senate.

Giving his time, talent or skills to help this awesome community has been rewarding in so many ways, but he especially loves meeting and becoming friends with so many neighbors and great people. He loves to step up and help when he can and encourages others to do the same.

Rachel Goss had some very kind words to share about Rick that I will share: Rick Miller! What can I say about Rick? Just as a little insight. I met Rick through the post he put out on FB last fall. He was looking for someone or people to help with and eventually take over HLCS. I had emailed him with interest. We talked on the phone and set up a date and time to meet. Before that date, he let me know of another individual of interest for the position and asked if I minded? Absolutely not, I said. I knew then the heart of Rick Miller. Such a genuine soul. His compassion for serving his community shows immensely. Throughout learning under Rick, I’ve understood his patience for others and his gentle approach. He has a passion for volunteering. Rick Miller, Thank you for being awesome!! Rachel

I will have to chime in and say ditto to Rachel’s words. When I started posting the ABCs of Heritage Lake, it was just an idea to share with others all the great things about Heritage Lake with those who always ask me about the lake I love. Anyway, Rick saw my posts and reached out proposing that I make them into a blog on the HLCS webpage. It took a couple of conversations to convince me, since I am not the most tech savvy person. Just as promised, he met with me on a Saturday morning and patiently taught me how to do it. Through those posts, I have met and chatted with so many people. So, volunteer and join in when you can because it connects you with a wonderful community of people. Thanks Rick, for always being willing to Step Up!!

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