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ABCs of Heritage Lake: "M"-Maintenance Crew

ABCs of Heritage Lake

M - Maintenance Crew

The Heritage Lake Community development began in 1971. The land was just 1,945 acres of hilly, wooded land that had about 10 miles of shoreline around the 316-acre lake. Fast forward to today, the community has developed into a wonderful place to call home complete with lots of community amenities and events. Each and every one of the great amenities requires careful attention and oversight to be maintained and kept in functioning order. The Maintenance Crew is the team working behind the scenes to do all the little and big things necessary to attend to those details, prep for events, and work on new projects.

The Maintenance Crew is composed of 4 hard-working individuals. Three of the 4 live at Heritage Lake. Shawn Flanagan-Supervisor Mav Gissara John Johnson Chad Presser

Each work day is different. They do have a regular maintenance schedule of things that they do around the lake, but they also prep for upcoming meetings and events, work on new projects, and jump in if an immediate need arises.

Here is just a sampling of the work this team does. -mow the common areas and cut the brush back off the sides of the roads -clear the lake of debris after a storm -clear out the sediment tubes after storms to prevent blockage -maintain the beaches, shelters, clubhouse, marina, docks, activity center -set up and tear down for year-round events -maintain the pool including monitoring the chemicals- this requires them to have a certification of pool operator -maintain the outside restrooms - treat the 3 ponds -install riprap around the common area shorelines -recent project of installing the deck and temporary docks by the restaurant -removing dead animals from road sides -helping random neighbors in need that requires urgent attention

The list really is endless. I am sure that I have missed some important tasks. But as you can see the maintenance crew members are critical to our lake community’s well-being. We get to reap the benefit of all their hard work. Sometimes we can take things for granted and just assume everything will look great and work properly. So please thank these guys when you see them working around the lake because our community would not be the same without them. If you are ever in need of reaching them, you may call the office and speak with April.

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