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ABCs of Heritage Lake- "K" - Ken Rozelle

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

ABCs of Heritage Lake

K- Ken Rozelle

Of Course, K is going to be Ken Rozelle. He has a huge presence and big helping hands at our lake. You can see him everywhere helping wherever he can.

Although many probably feel like they know him, maybe I will share a few tidbits that are new.

Ken wears two hats professionally. He is our hardworking Heritage Lake Property Manager(8yrs) and the Commander of the Reserve Division of the Putnam County Sheriff Department(15yrs). You will spot him around the lake in his patrol vehicle and he is definitely someone you can count on to help you when in need.

Ken is a family man. He has lived at Heritage Lake for 21 years. He has two adult daughters that are very special to him, and a compassionate wife who understands all the demands of both jobs, especially all the CALLS he receives at all hours. He is the go-to-guy for the 911 dispatch center when needed. He responds to emergency police calls. He also fields lots of property manager calls. I asked him about any unique phone calls, and he mentioned receiving calls to remove dead animals from yards, unlocking vehicles, vin checks, along with multiple true emergencies. Serving the community, that he lives in and loves is important to him. He considers himself the ship director who wants the community to be the best for everyone out here that everyone can be proud of. Ken is a person who will go out of his way to help others.

The last 3-4yrs have been busy as there have been many community projects to oversee and an increase in home construction. Heritage Lake has the lowest crime rate in the county and I believe that is thanks to Ken being here. We are also lucky because emergency response times are so short!! One important thing to watch is keeping our speed limit down to 30mph. This is for the safety of all. During the time children are waiting on the school bus, Ken gets out on his own time and patrols Heritage Lake to keep speeds down to allow the kids to get on their buses safely.

Did you know that the Water Safety Patrol Boat is run by mostly police officers? If you have to reach them because you are needing for a tow or an emergency, call the HLPOA phone number (765-386-7447) and push option #4 to reach the marina. The marina staff has their schedule and contact numbers, will reach out and send help.

Fun Facts about Ken:

His family would describe him: as a neat, organized freak

Favorite Community Trait: Volunteerism- everyone is willing to help each other out

Favorite hobby- huge Indy Car Fan. He is friends with Sarah Fisher and her husband Andy O’Gara and his brother Mike O’Gara (crew chief to the winner of 2022 Indy 500- Marcus Ericcson)

Dream Retirement- To follow the Indy Car Racing Circuit, but also would still want to serve the HL community and Sheriff Dept. where ever he may be needed.

Huge thanks to Ken for all that he does for our community. I am guessing that most of us at some point, have reached out to Ken and he answered that call to help. He is invested in this community and it shows by his constant hard work and the concern shown to our residents. He is really is someone you can count on if you are ever in need.

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