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ABCs of Heritage Lake-Featuring "I" Internet

ABCs of Heritage Lake


When posting about the internet this week, I wanted to highlight two things: 1) online webpages and Facebook groups that would help keep you informed and 2) internet provider info.

I am far from any tech expert, in fact, I call my 16 year son, my tech support. So writing this, I was going to need assistance.

The one thing that the internet does really well is to help build connections and keep people informed. Below I am listing the webpages and Facebook groups that I follow. Some are more active than others. And there may be other pages I am not aware of, so please feel free to add them in the comments below.

Heritage Lake Webpages:

Facebook Groups:

Heritage Lake Chatter(mostly) Uncensored(Indiana)

Heritage Lake Completely Uncensored

Heritage Lake(Indiana) Neighborhood

Heritage Lake Community Sale No Rules

Heritage Lake Sales & Freebies


Heritage Lake Indiana Local Business Networking

Heritage Lake Photography

Heritage Lake Concert Series

Heritage Lake Neighborhood Activities Committee (HLNAC)

Old Farts on Carts Heritage Lake Golf Cart Gang

And mine---Heritage Lake Escape

I spoke with Kathy Morgan of Endeavor Communications to learn more about our main internet provider. She provided lots of information. If you would like to read all the tech. details, she shared, the information can be found on my Heritage Lake Escape Facebook page in the June 23rd post.

GOOD TO KNOW:: If you have any technology problems, Endeavor offers help sessions on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Here are the details from Endeavor-

We offer free community help desk on the second Thursday of every month from 4-6pm.

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