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ABCs of Heritage Lake - Featuring "F"

By Michelle Reed

For F, I wanted to learn and share about Heritage Lake’s fishing tournaments. In the pictures, you will find the tournament schedule and rules. They provide lots of great information. Huge shout out to Brian Alexander, Jason McClellan, Charlie Land, and Tyler Land. They work hard to organize these fishing tournaments for our community. Thank you for all the time you put in to coordinate these!!!!

Fishing Tournaments

Few facts:

The fishing tournaments are catch and release.

Usually, they have about 12-15 people participate in the tournaments.

The fishing tournaments aren’t just for fun fishing and friendly competition, but they also give back to our community in many ways.

Each year they hold a kids’ tournament for those under the age of 16. Each boat will need an adult captain. This year the kids’ fishing tournament is July 17th. One of the nicest features, is that if a child wants to participate in a fishing tournament, but does not have a boat, they can still participate. They just need to reach out to the coordinators who will pair them with a boat captain who will take them out. There are even several giveaways for the kids’ tournament.

Each year Tyler Land organizes a Toy Drive Fishing Tournament. He donates and asks others including participants to donate toys, so kids around the lake can have a Christmas.

They also donate money to the POA for fish stocking.

Please share in the comments:

When fishing, I am just happy to catch a fish, any fish will do; so, I am always amazed at the photos of the BIG CATCHES.

Below I would love to hear your fishing tips, see your proud catches, and read about any of your fishing stories. Feel free to share below in the comments.

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