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ABCs of Heritage Lake - Featuring "D"

By Michelle Reed

D - Dining Options

We all know how life can be so busy and sometimes at the end of the day, you just don’t want to cook. So for D, I was looking for the nearby dining options that you could get to really quickly, so when your hungry family looks at you at 6 pm you might have a great last minute solution. I appreciate all that sent their suggestions on restaurant options. Because menus and times change frequently, it is best to look online for those details, but below is some of the information I gathered when I called the suggested restaurants. If there are some other dining options you would like for me to add, please reach out to me directly and I will adjust.

Anthony’s Pizza: 6086 725 E, Coatesville, IN 46105 Phone # 765-522-4400 Some of the fan favorites are stromboli calzone and the meat lovers stuffed pizza.

Dawnn’s Diner: 5005 S. Milton Street, Coatesville, IN 46121 Phone: 765-386-5664 Fan favorites are its breaded tenderloin, patty melt, reuben, and the olive burger. Those from Michigan may be familiar with an olive burger, it has green olives on top

and below the burger. The restaurant has been open almost 3 years

and is named after one of its owners.

O’Knappy’s Kitchen and Ice Cream: 8026 Main Street, Coatesville, IN 46121 Phone: 765-386-6657 Fan favorites include breaded tenderloins and burgers. Plus, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream ice cream. They are also known for their hand breaded walleye, catfish and shrimp, and on Fridays the 14oz. ribeyes. Beer and wine are also available. Since 1950 the building has housed 10 different things.

Bainbridge Dari-ette/ Myers Dar-iette: 112 E. Pat Rady Way Bainbridge, IN 46105 Phone: 765-721-5250 Fan favorites include burgers, breaded tenderloin, and Memphis fries. All meat is local and from the Myer Market. They home make the coney sauce, taco meat, and the cherry and vanilla flavoring for drinks. New this week is a Nugget Ice Machine.

Sahm’s Haven: Heritage Lake Marina- 1000 Marina Drive, Coatesville, IN 46121 Phone: 765-276-6776 Family friendly lakefront indoor and outdoor dining. Fan favorites are the smoked meats. They do change the specials frequently to keep new and fresh.

Arnold’s Pizza King: 102 W. Pat Rady Way Bainbridge, IN 46105 Phone: 765-522-2118 Fan favorites include new desserts, like their donut holes, loaded cheese fries, and their exceptional salads. They have daily specials. Check out their facebook page to get the lastest updates.

Bert & Betty’s Kitchen: 9 1st Street, Fillmore, IN 46128 Phone: 765-246-6124 I will update this when I speak to them.

Thank you to all who suggested their favorite nearby dining spots. Please reach out to me, if you would like me to add one to this post.

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