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ABCs of Heritage Lake - Featuring "C"

by Michelle Reed


I honestly didn’t know much about Heritage Lake’s Campgrounds. I had driven through before and had seen many invites to activities they were hosting. From my little knowledge, it looked and seemed like a fun and welcoming place to be. Wanting to learn more, I reached out to April who connected me with Rita Stevens. Thank you Rita for being so responsive and helpful in sharing so much information about the campgrounds!!

General Information

The Heritage Lake Campgrounds is a safe, fun family environment. They have an entertainment committee that arranges bands, bingo, euchre, and a season ending Halloween Celebration complete with trick or treating for the kids. The campground is open from the first weekend in April through the last weekend in October. Only Heritage Lake Property owners are able to rent permanent sites. They have several permanent campers that live at the lake year-round and have the camp site for a weekend getaway. Camping is just a time for family to get away from the hustle and bustle and kick back and relax. Some campers have been down there for over 30 years.

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The day the campgrounds opened, there was a long line of cars and campers waiting for the Campground Manager to unlock the gates to be the first in, to pick the best spot. They had to pull completely out and do the same thing every season. Campers were able to form committees and establish rules to raise money which was used to build the Playground, Pavilion and Shelter. The Back Lot is used for trailers and boat storage and the Family Fun.


The campground has 75 spots. In order to reserve a spot, you have to be a POA member. A RV or Travel Trailer can be put in the spot. Usually, they have about 4-6 spots available at the beginning of the season for the March Selection Meeting. The fee is $720/year to camp plus a monthly electric fee. You can also pay $150 to leave the unit stored over the winter. Each site has water hookup available. There is a nice heated and well-kept Shower/ Bath house. There is no sewer connection, but at the exit of the facility there is a dump station available. If there is an open lot, they will rent to a POA Guest for $35/ night for the weekend. Another option is primitive camping.


Steve Hampton is Camp Manager Rick Stevens is Camp Chair Representative Ashley Morris is Assistant Camp Chair Representative

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