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ABCs of Heritage Lake - Featuring "B"

by Michelle Reed

B- Board

What makes Heritage Lake so special is having a great community of people who are willing to step up to volunteer and serve others. Because there are so many willing people to give back, I had several options for B: board, book club, bible study, and more. I hope to highlight all, but today I am highlighting our board.

Attached is a list of board members. All were elected by our community and would be a great resource to you, if you have questions about the lake. If you want to keep up with what's going on or become more involved, I would encourage you to attend the board meetings in person or watch them online.

The board meets 2 times a month, on the second Monday for the regular board meeting and on the last Monday for the operations meeting (to prepare for the next meeting).

Paul Forbes is president (for the second year), he is tasked with running meetings and overseas the board in general.

John Reedy is Vice President (his first year) and steps in for Paul in his absence. AJ Stafford is the Treasurer (for the second year). He overseas our financial accounts. Sumer is the Secretary. She is in charge of the minutes for all board meetings. Each board member is a liaison for one of the committees here at Heritage Lake. They go to the committee meeting and bring any projects or ideas they have to the board once they have a full plan put into place.(see attachment for 2022 Committee Liaison Assignments)

The board is comprised of a nice mix of residents. Some have been here for decades, some are newer residents just starting families. Some live on the water, some off. Men/women, retired/work full time. They all lend a unique perspective and talent.

For your information: The link to the specific YouTube video for each meeting is not known till the evening of the meeting. You can though find the live streaming and previous videos at the POA YouTube Channel at: All documents can be found online at the HLPOA website: DID YOU KNOW: One of the POA Board’s legal obligations is to enforce the rules laid out in our governing documents. The Covenants are not rules the POA can change, even if they wanted to.

Thank you to all the board members who volunteer their time to serve on the board! Shout out to Sumer and Rick for providing valuable information for this post.

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