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ABCs of Heritage Lake: "N" - Neighbors

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

ABCs of Heritage Lake

N - Neighborly Neighbors

One of the truly special things about Heritage Lake is how neighbors look out for each other. The many Heritage Lake Facebook pages have connected us in a way, that we can easily help one another. Whether it is a lost or found pet, a car problem, a recommendation needed, there is always someone who is ready and willing to reply and offer an answer, some assistance, or encouragement.

One SOS over the years has stuck with me and always makes me smile. It was an unusual request and got immediate responses and rounded up the troops of help. Who remembers when someone got locked in a building when feeding their rabbits and made a post to a Facebook page, asking someone to head over and let them out. Within minutes several neighbors were headed that direction. Honestly I don't know who posted it, but isn't it wonderful to know, if you are stuck somewhere at the lake, there are good neighbors you can count on.

So this week, I would like to thank a few of my neighbors. I would like to thank the Nunez family who quickly cleared a tree that had fallen across Heritage Drive after a storm. I would also like to thank the Jones family because if we are not around, I can always reach out and they will do a quick check of our property after storms, since our home is surrounded by large trees. It is nice to be able to have great neighbors looking out for you.

Plus, thanks to all the wonderful neighbors who have contributed to these ABCs posts--because of you there is so much good to share.

If you feel like sharing, comment below and thank a special neighbor.

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Rick Miller
Rick Miller
22 set 2022

I've lived here many years now, and have seen many requests for help in Facebook News Groups. I've never seen one go unanswered. 😍

Mi piace
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