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ABC's of Heritage Lake - Featuring "A:

by Michelle Reed

Welcome to the A, B, C's of Heritage Lake. First up--A.

This was a no brainer. The first person I think of, when thinking of Heritage Lake is April Land. Consider her the ambassador of our lake who represents us so well. She is the go to girl with all the answers. On our neighborhood Facebook pages, if someone has a question, it will often be marked "ask April". She not only works at our POA office and coordinates important events, but also gives unselfishly of her free time to answer those social media questions posted at all hours.

Here are some fun facts about April

*She has lived at the lake for 28 years. *She has worked for the lake for 12 years in numerous roles: activity center attendant, cleaning, manager of the new pool, marina help and security. Currently you will find her in the POA office. She has done it all, which makes her a great resource for learning more about our lake.

*In her free time, she loves dancing, crowds, the water, sun and Margaritas.

*Her favorite quote--The Lake is my Happy Place

Thanks for all you do for our community!!

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