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By Lynn Forsgren

Fall brings the urge to rake and bag up the leaves. Please resist. Any lawnmower will adequately mulch leaves and add much needed compost and habitat to your yard. Postpone cleanup until next spring (April, when night temperatures stay in the 50’s) to allow for much needed shelter for bees and insects. The pollinator garden is a case in point. Right now it looks a mess but look closer and you will flush out birds using that garden as shelter and for food. Insects are abundant and inside the garden, I have discovered where the deer and other small animals are bedding down.

Please keep 12-9 in mind. Photos with Santa will feature a bird feeder project for the children who are waiting in line. The project is sponsored by the Garden Club and we will be collecting new mittens for the Mitten Tree on the green. The Mitten Tree is the Norway Spruce the Garden club had planted last fall. This year the donated mittens will decorate it and it will be lighted with solar lights.

November’s meeting will find us in Greencastle visiting a founding member of the club at her retirement village. Afterwards, we will have lunch at Almost Home. Please contact any member of the club for details if you would like to join us for the visit and/or the lunch. I can be reached at 916/849-9361.

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