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And Just Like That....

..we have cooler, wetter weather. This is the time to start cleaning out our gardens. Most summer veggies and flowers have peaked or have already started going to seed. Save your flower seed heads for the pollinator garden. The seed heads will over winter in a garage and can be sown into the garden next spring after the last frost. Or you may join us in December when the Garden Club will be sowing new seed on the solarized portion of the garden and also into the the two smaller sections.

Next month's meeting will include the nomination of new leadership for the club as well as suggestions for when our club will meet. We would like to welcome more people to our group and it is hoped that by finding a new time for the monthly meeting that can be accomplished. We will also be gearing up for the annual holiday bazaar in November. We will be offering a limited number of decorated live wreaths as well as containers holding live flower bulbs that will bloom around the holidays in your homes.

Our next meeting is at the clubhouse at 9:30am on October 13.

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