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Water project investigation update

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Background: I was approached a couple months ago by a concerned resident to investigate the possibility of a municipal water supply for the Heritage Lake Community, presumably due to failed well(s) in the community. I have heard of 1 or 2 other complaints of failed wells, though there is no evidence of widespread failures or of any known problem with our underlying aquifers. This project investigation has been included in the Long Term Planning Committee, which I have now become a member to.

I will state that I have no well issues, and would not be inclined to pay for municipal water service when I have a perfectly functioning well of my own. There are 2 potential water supplies near HL, Bainbridge and Greencastle. Both municipalities draw from underlying aquifers with multiple wells.

This info is provided fyi, and will be resident with the LTP Committee for future use.

Notes on Municipal Water Supply Investigation for Heritage Lake

By Dick Werner 7/21/2021

From DNR info circa 2010

• Bedrock aquifer systems in Putnam County are overlain by unconsolidated deposits of varying thickness ranging from outcropping to over 250 feet. Bedrock, in places, is at or near the surface along many streams in the county.

• There are 4 aquifer systems in the county, varying in age. The Borden Group of Mississippian age is the bedrock aquifer completely underlying Heritage Lake and surrounding area.

o There is also an Unconsolidated Aquifer System underlying most of HL known as the Tipton Till Aquifer, presumably atop the Bedrock aquifer.

o Wells in Tipton Till Aquifer range from 50-190 feet with yields of 10 to 50 gallons per minute. There are no registered significant groundwater withdrawal facilities using this aquifer

o Wells in Borden Group range from 35 to 490 feet deep. Approximately 72 percent of all wells in this county are completed in bedrock.

o HL wells could be either Bedrock or Unconsolidated, depending on depth and location.

• The Blue River and Sanders Groups of Bedrock Aquifers underlies all of Greencastle, so a municipal supply from GC would not be pulling from our same sources, it appears.

o Table from DNR shows GC water system pulling 6 wells from White River and Tributaries Aquifer System.

Other notes

• CCCD, being a government entity, was asked if they would be willing to sponsor a grant submission for a basic feasibility study. Kathy Deer responded that HL would likely be denied due to average household income that is reportedly highest in the county

• Awaiting callback from Jerrell Consulting for comment on HL possibility of securing a grant for feasibility study. (no call back in 3 weeks)

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