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Clear Creek Conservancy Announces online voting for elections

Online voting for the CCCD contested election will be open January 6 at 6am through January 19 at 3pm

The procedure to get authorization is as follows:

Send an email to request online balloting to:

You will be provided with a Voter Identifier and Voter Key in a return email that will be required when entering the voting portal as follows:

In person voting will occur from 4pm to 7pm January 20 at the POA Clubhouse immediately prior to the CCCD annual meeting.

The CCCD uses a Freehold system to determine the number of votes allowed. One vote per freehold – so examples are: a husband and wife own three lots. The wife owns 1 in her name only, the husband owns 1 in his name only, and they own 1 lot jointly. That is 3 freeholds so one of them can vote twice. Another husband and wife own three lots, all are title jointly. That is 1 freehold and only 1 can vote.

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