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Spring is coming-I promise

March is just around the corner and The Heritage Lake Garden Club will resume meeting on March 10 at 9:30am. We're hoping to meet at the Lincoln Park pavilion nearest the pollinator garden. If the weather doesn't cooperate (too chilly or wet), we will meet at the clubhouse. Our goal is to be able to start clean up for the pollinator garden. Yours truly will have the lesson. My subject is Why Have a Pollinator Garden?

Even though the club did not meet for two months, we still found things to do to advance our goal of beautifying Heritage Lake. The pollinator garden was reseeded in mid-December and in January, we applied for a grant through The Big Walnut Creek Watershed Conservancy. Grant applications can take awhile to get approved but we have our fingers crossed.

Enjoy the rest of winter. The sound of lawnmowers will soon be heard in the land.

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