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Siltation Committee - April 2022

Siltation Committee Minutes – 4.26.22 Meeting

Submitted by Jim Muehlenbein – Acting Secretary

In attendance in alphabetical order: Ed Dermond, Jim Hazlewood, Duane Kelly, Jim Muehlenbein, Tom Novak, Chris Schubert, AJ Stafford, and Jerry Wood.

Duane called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

Duane started the meeting by informing the attendees that Shannon had completed work on coves 4-6 at a cost of $24,624. Shannon has since moved on to coves 1-3 but we do not know a cost yet. However, Duane felt that the cost would be significantly less than coves 4-6. He also indicated that the Cove Fund should have approximately $28,000 in it after the payment for the work on coves 4-6.

Shannon had sent a cost estimation to Duane for the cleaning of the North Fork Silt Basin this year. The last time (2016) he removed 220 truckloads of silt. These trucks are filled to just over ½ to keep the weight down, thus not damaging the HL roads. The estimate for 2022 is $38,930, based on 230 triaxle truckloads. Duane said he told Shannon to make sure he got it cleaned this year. Once Shannon completes the work on the North Fork Silt Basin, we will know if there is any additional cost due to unexpected overage of silt.

In our last meeting we had discussion about cleaning the East Fork, but Duane discouraged this at this point since we do not have a final cost on the North Fork Silt Basin. Duane indicated we may want to clean the East Fork (not Basin) in 2022 or 2023 depending on available funds.

We then moved on to a discussion on our various funding (mostly for my benefit). Duane explaining that our General Fund is financed specifically from the $25 annual siltation fee associated with the annual maintenance fee. It varies from year to year. He gave us these numbers: 2017-$67,937, 2018-$72,933, 2019-$71,186, 2020-$72,750, 2021-$71,947. When the year’s expenses are less than the year’s income, the excess goes into the Restricted Reserve Fund and saved for unexpected costs. The Tower Fund is financed by the lease on the land of the cell tower. When the initial tower was put into place, Duane approached the POA Board and asked if the funds from the land lease could be put directly into an account for Siltation. They approved it and since that time, the Tower Fund receives approximately $790 a month. Duane indicated that the lease payment is made twice monthly splitting the amount.

Tom asked if we could do a bank stabilization in the East Fork so that we might apply for a grant from the Big Walnut Watershed Alliance. Duane explained that when they straightened the creek years ago, the cost was $40,000 and we received a grant for $13,000. He was unsure if there might be anything else we could do based on his experience with IDEM. Tom asked if we might call in a specialist to look at it. Duane was not in favor of this because of the cost. It was not a motion, so it did not get voted on. Jim H. would like to get rid of some of the trees that have fallen in and around the creek, but Tom indicated the Watershed Alliance would not pay for any of that, only land stabilization. Duane said that IDEM will not let us get into the creek bed to do any changes, we can only work on the banks.

Jim H. brought up the East Silt Basin saying that he felt it was filling up and probably needed cleaned. Duane responded that although it may appear that way, there is not really all that much silt in it.

There was a brief discussion on the North Fork Silt Basin’s composition of a slate floor and the island that is in the center. Apparently, the main area has a solid slate bottom but as you go north of the island it is broken up.

Tom volunteered to be the Treasurer of the committee and work with the office to report monthly on our finances. AJ made a motion, Jim H. 2nd it and it was approved. Thank you, Tom!

Jim H. made a motion to adjourn at 8:05, Tom 2nd it and we went home. Next meeting is May 26, 2022, at 7pm.

Pictured: Shannon McCullough's barge and excavator at work removing silt from one of our coves.

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