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It's Summertime

The Garden Club hopes everyone had a fabulous Fourth. The fireworks this year were the best I had ever seen.

Insects are such a bother to humans but so critical to plant and avian life. Hummingbirds are insectivores and eat gnats and mosquitoes as well as enjoying long drinks from nectar feeders. If you are being overrun by mosquitoes, see if putting up a hummer feeder will encourage the hummers to your yard. The other environmentally safe way to rid your area of mosquitoes is a product called "mosquito dunk". It can be purchased at Lowes and comes with directions on how to use it. "Dunk" is not an insecticide so no other, possibly beneficial insects are killed when you use this product.

Our pollinator garden will be undergoing a remediation called solarization the week of July 19. We will reduce the size of the main garden and replant it with native plants purchased with the grant money we were awarded by Big Walnut Creek Conservancy. Please save your dead-headed seeds from your garden and feel free to scatter them at the gardens.

The next meeting is Thursday, August 11, 9:30AM, at the clubhouse. All are welcome.

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