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Government Committee Report June 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

By: Dick Werner

County Commissioners meeting June 7, 2021

  • HL resident Paul Sojka appealed to the County for help with court on which he lives to be re-surfaced. Request denied, as courts are treated as Dead End streets, too little traffic to warrant repairs ahead of thru traffic streets. County acknowledged the condition of many such dead end streets need improvement, and have a goal to establish a plan to do so in the future.

  • Discussion on the creation of a County Parks Board, Council will implement and Commissioners will control.

  • Discussion on creation of County Drainage Board is scheduled on July 6, 2021 immediately following Commissioners meeting, approx. 11am.

CCCD mtg 5/20/2021

  • Board was updated by Lori Young/Curry and Assoc on treatment plant expansion project:

    • 2nd oxidation ditch now in operation, intend to put a 3rd into operation

    • Cost is expected to exceed available revenues, CCCD likely to issue bond

    • Project scope will cover use capacity for 90% build-out of community. This should preclude any future need for expansion given the many multi-lot properties existing, along with the 130-some lots owned by Conservancy

  • Fire Captain Jeff Brooks appealed and was granted permission to place Fire boat on lift next to POA Maintenance boat

  • 1525 account locations reported to date 5/20/2021

  • Board approved hazardous tree removal quote not to exceed $2500.00

  • Commissioner Woodall will attend the Conservancy Board meeting this week (June 17 10am) to talk about local water supply

Next Government Committee meeting Wed June 14 6pm (co-meeting with Long Term Planning)

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