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Government Committee Report - May

County Commissioners meeting 04192021

  • Commissioners voted to approve removing the mask mandate for county buildings, masks still recommended

  • OCRA grants were awarded to PC for small business

County Council meeting 04202021

  • There was a lot of discussion about Sheriff Dept employee merit pay and pay tiering.

  • 2nd/new nurse position for Health Dept filled, starting May 2

  • Next Council meeting schedule is 2 hours earlier than usual, 3rd Tuesday at 4:30 pm May 18

County Commissioners meeting 05032021

  • American Rescue Plan to deposit first 50%, or about $3m by May 15. Commissioners expressed a bit of anxiety over lack of federal/state guidance for spending the funds. Commissioner Rick Woodall requested to appear before HLPOA Board to discuss ARP. Ken Rozelle took the action item to confirm with Commissioner Woodall for May Ops meeting.

  • Community Crossings grant was confirmed to Hwy Dept, contract for 10.23 miles hot mix paving can now be awarded to low bidder of $1.23m

  • May 10 is proposed date for dedication of new “Baby Box” at EMS office

  • Reelsville City representatives appeared to appeal to Commissioners for ARP funding for new wells and filtration. This is mentioned here as some community members have expressed a similar future need for Heritage Lake.

Health Dept quarterly meeting is to occur on Thursday May13. New location for this meeting is the EOC/911 (Emergency Operation Center) conference room at 6:30pm. Address is 1600 W Co Rd 225 S Greencastle

Next Government Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday May 19 at 6:30pm Clubhouse

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