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Government Committee Chairman Steps Down

In last month’s Highlights we featured an article about 2 Committees looking for help, new volunteers, new blood so to speak. The Government Committee was one of the first committees featured, but we did not know then that Dick Werner the committee Chairman would soon be leaving our community.

Sadly, after several years of service to our community though, Dick is moving away and has necessarily given up his position on the committee. He’s been a wonderful asset and faithfully attended many meetings in the county to represent us and build relationships with people who make important decisions that affect all of us. He then gave reports at the POA Board meetings to keep us informed. To say we will miss him would be an understatement.

The Government Committee serves and reports to the POA Board of Directors. The policy manual defines the responsibilities, and Dick took that to the next level by attending many more than the minimum required meetings in the county.

Our community now needs to find at least one or a few people to replace this important position. Dick operated nearly alone on the committee but with 2 or 3 volunteers this could be a painless and rewarding committee to serve on.

The Mission Statement from the POA Policy Manual for the Government Committee is simple but very important.


  • We are responsible to attend County Commissioner & County Council meetings throughout the year.

  • We are to report to the POA the results of government changes that affect our community, along with new and important issues that may require us to act upon.

  • With this in mind we are in direct communication with the elected officials and from time to time they ask for our opinions.

  • We are to be present so as to keep a very good relationship between Heritage Lake Community and these two important offices of the county.

Will You Step Up?

Please contact the POA office or a Board Member to discuss filling this important position.

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