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Calling for Candidates


“Are you considering a run for the board?” Contact us with any questions

October is the month you must get your petition, available at the POA Office, signed by 25 property owners that are in good standing and submit it to the POA Office by the end of the office hours on October 31, 2022.

Next month the committee will reach out to you to verify your email address and phone number for subsequent communication. You will need to complete your BIO, which details your work history and any pertinent information relating to your desire to be a board member and submit it along with a personal picture for the newsletter to, no later than November 15th. Your Bio should be approximately 150-200 words and no more than a third of an 8-1/2” by 11” sheet of paper.

There is a “Candidate Statement” form, also available at the POA office, which requires your signature to publish your BIO and picture. This also must be returned to the POA office by the November 15th date. Once your documents have all been filed, your BIO and pictures will be featured in the December, January, and February Highlights.

During the first part of December, we will ask if the candidates wish to participate in a “Meet the Candidates,” which is encouraged by the Board. If it is decided to move forward, a notice will be placed in the January Highlights and the meeting will be scheduled for early January. It is a question-and-answer session of relevant lake issues allowing the candidates to address the important topics of the community.

The voting for the Board members begins in early February and continues right up to 1:00pm the day of the annual meeting on February 25, 2023. The results of the election are announced at the annual meeting and the new board members are installed after the meeting.

We will have four (4) Board positions to fill. We encourage anyone with a desire to commit your time and energies for the betterment of our community to step up.

If you have any questions, and/or want to commit to running, please reach out to us at our new email address: Jim & Debbie Muehlenbein – Co-Chairs Heritage Lake Election Committee.

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