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Blessing Box installed at the Firehouse

A new Blessing Box is located at the Floyd Township Fire Station

An idea brought to us by Carrie Austin, and made possible by Heritage Home Designs, FTFD, and a number of volunteers including, Courtney Query, Jake Mosson, Josh Pearison, Steve Vondersar and Benjamin Smith.

Now that it is established, Braylin Austin, (10 yrs), son of Carrie Austin has volunteered to help maintain it.

Items in the Blessing Box are free to anyone in need of them and anyone can place items there any time.

Be mindful of weather impact on anything placed there.

Editor’s Note for anyone in need: There is another blessing box at Canaan Community Church, located on the south side by the back entrance to the “old” sanctuary in the gravel parking lot. I’m told it sees a lot of use.

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