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April is the cruelest month

or is it? Most of us begin our gardening efforts in April as the weather moderates. Already green shoots of Stella d'Oro Lily and daffodils have started poking up from their beds. Red nibs of peony can be seen when the detritus of winter is pushed aside. April's fickle weather can put a halt to our efforts but a gardener is not easily discouraged. We know the weather is on the up-swing.

Looking ahead to 2022 gardens, The Garden Club is redoubling its efforts in the Lincoln Park pollinator garden. Please keep us in mind when deadheading flowers. Those seeds are most welcome in the pollinator garden. Feel free to just scatter them at will whenever you collect them. The birds, bees, butterflies and caterpillars that live there thank you.

The club's next meeting is April 14 and hopefully will be at the Lincoln Park shelter next to the garden. Should April be cruel, we will meet at the clubhouse. Meeting time is the same either way-9:30 am.

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