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A New Year

Perhaps you have one of these beauties blooming in a window in your home. Or maybe you have purchased forced bulbs from the Garden Club's Fall Bazaar sale that is still blooming. I found having a growing, flowering plant at this time of year cheering. While skies are gloomy, these spots of color give a real lift to our spirits.

The Garden Club is a place to plug into to learn how to keep our gardening needs satisfied year 'round. Garden Club discussions run the gamut from weed control to allowing some "weeds" to flourish because they are bees and insects first food in the spring. We've learned that a well mown lawn is maybe not the most desirable goal as allowing our lawns to develop some length and diversity can attract insects which in turn attract birds.

We will be talking about soil, water conservation in gardening, how to have more diversity in our individual environments which will benefit our lake. In May, we will have an evening meeting with a guest speaker who will present the benefits of rain gardens. Watch this space for more information about that.

Our first club meeting of 2023 will be in March. I will write about that meeting next month.

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