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50 Years of History and Growth at Heritage Lake

As our anniversary year rapidly nears it's end, I could not let it go by without sharing the massive amount of information that chronicles our 50 years of history.

Once considered great content for a coffee table book, when I combined the sum total of the first 30 years documented by Jean Mohler, and the aggregate of the Highlights since then, the pages add up to about 3,000!

If you have not seen the first 30 years presented by Jean Mohler, that alone is worth a look. I do not have the time, the talent nor the patience to produce the next 20 years as Jean did, so I used technology instead, and consolidated each year's Highlights. Together they tell the story of so much that has unfolded since our inception.

Re-occurring themes become obvious. Perhaps most notable among them, is the overwhelming contributions by so many volunteers over the years that built the community we enjoy today, and continue to do so every day.

You'd need considerable time to see all the material to appreciate the evolution of Heritage Lake and the community we've become. I seriously recommend any time you have a chance to sit down with your favorite beverage and reflect a little, there is much to see and learn.

Click the photo below to begin exploring our history, our evolution and indeed our Heritage.

There is a 9 year gap of missing history between 2001 and 2010. These Highlights publications were produced before many of the electronic tools we have today were available. The printed versions are archived though, so when we can we'll add them to the list of Highlights listed above.

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