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Searching for someone to be President and Publisher of Heritage Lake Community Services

Since taking over from Harold Paetow, I’ve spent a lot of energy building the HLCS brand and products. I set out to improve the look and quality, improve the tools & methods and develop something that can live on when I move on. I am not getting younger, and it is time to prepare and protect HLCS for the possibility that I am not able to continue. This succession planning is important to me and to the company I and others over the years have built, and I believe it is important to the community.

I am proud of the things we’ve achieved since November 2019 when we published the first Highlights under my direction. Community response for the work we’ve done has been very favorable and their feedback is appreciated. I’ve compared our monthly newsletter to other lake community publications and without any ego, I believe we have a superior publication. Our annual Telephone Directory continues to evolve, and I’ve considered doing away with it, but having received feedback that various people including advertisers, still want it, we will continue publishing it, while looking for ways to improve the delivery of that publication.

I have recurring worries that if one day I get hit by a truck, HLCS would collapse. Similarly, as I age, I worry the same would happen if my health deteriorates. It would be utterly negligent of me to allow HLCS to suddenly die if I do.

So, in a nutshell, it’s time to make sure that does not occur.

We have selected the tools we use to make it relatively easy for anyone with modest skills and talent to be able to join in to do what we do. I would of course stay on for as long as needed to help a new person or people learn our tools and methods and position them for success.

In a perfect world, we would attract more than 1 person, to lead and run the HLCS enterprise. Doing so would assure no one person carries a burden of effort they are not able to invest. I’m preparing to divide what I do into segments that require as little as 5 or as much as 15 hours commitment per month.

Watch for future communications looking for people to fill various roles, each with a manageable time commitment.

If you have any interest at all in leading arguably one of the most visible and rewarding activities in our community, please contact me at or call me at 317-766-4118.

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