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It's soon to be spring. February's unseasonable warmth brought last fall's bulbs up but hopefully only the greenery has emerged for most of them. Early flowers, like snowdrops, will not be affected by freezing temps. With any luck, the daffodils and crocus will stay dormant a while longer .Remember to leave winter's debris as long as you can so as to provide cover for the bees and other overwintering insects.

The Garden Club will resume meeting on March 14 at 9:30am. This meeting will be at the clubhouse and will be an organizational meeting as we discuss the years agenda. We have one project in the works that will result in a garden bench made from recycled plastic. Club members will continue to maintain flower boxes, the clubhouse and marina landscaping but no new garden projects will be taken on. Instead, we plan on taking advantage of the natural beauty around us by visiting gardens and learning new techniques to improve ours and Heritage Lakes environment. If you have a favorite garden spot, please come to a meeting and share that with us. In the meantime, look for signs of spring. It's almost here.

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