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Putnam County 2021 Road Plan for Heritage Lake

I attended a special meeting at the Highway Dept this afternoon to hear the county road resurfacing plan for 2021. Almost all Chip and Seal projects scheduled for 2020 were postponed due to the pandemic. Heritage Lake roads scheduled for last year will be done this year. Mike Rickets, Highway Superintendent for PC, indicated that they would be using the Grind/Double Chip and Seal technique on the following Jefferson Valley roads:

- Richmond Drive from Heritage Drive to Delaware Drive;

- Mount Vernon Drive from Heritage Drive Exit 43 to Heritage Drive Exit 49;

- Yorktown Drive from Heritage Drive Exit 46 to Mount Vernon Drive;

- Redstone Drive loop from Yorktown Drive to Yorktown Drive.

No other resurfacing is planned for HL this year, however, the Highway Dept will come out and patch potholes with hot mix if you call them and ask. 765-653-4714.

I also inquired about plowing snow from the Courts around the lake, as I have seen complaints from several Court residents on our social media pages. The County treats Courts as dead-end streets, and these are treated after all other main roads. Plan is to treat Courts at HL tomorrow, Friday Feb 19th.

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