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Pickleball for kids

People think that pickleball is just for "old people" but Pickleball is the an ideal sport for kids. The game is easier to play than tennis -- the racquet is shorter, the court smaller, and the ball slower. Pickleball is a multigenerational game that kids, parents and grandparents can play together. It's really a sport that can be played for a lifetime.

Boys and girls ages 7-10 are welcome to attend a free pickleball clinic on Monday, July 11 and Tuesday, July 12th from 6-7 at the Heritage Lake courts behind the clubhouse. Attendance both nights is strongly reccommended. Anita Johnson and team will be teaching kids the rules and basics of play and then let the kids play a few games. We will have loaner paddles for the kids, unfortunately they are adult sized. Or, you can purchase a kid sized paddle from (use CRHLake discount code for 5% off) or other online provider. Graphite or composite paddles are recommended over wooden paddles. Buy what you can afford--it's the player that makes the great shot, not the paddle.

We'll take the first 12 kids aged 7-10 that sign up and then start a waiting list. If you can't attend, let us know so we can open up registration to the waiting list.

Sign up by emailing Anita at with "pickleball clinic" in the subject line. Tell me your child's name, age, and parent's phone number.

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