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Need a last minute Thanksgiving recipe?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

If you're anything like me, you're probably so busy setting up Christmas decorations that you overlooked the fact that Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Or maybe you forgot that you need just one more side dish for the Thanksgiving dinner that you are hosting. I was talking to my fiancé's mom this morning and as we closed out the call she said, "Okay, well I guess I will see you guys on Thursday!". A quick knot hit my stomach as I was like... "Uh, what's Thursday?" I caught myself and was like, "Oh yes, Thanksgiving! Hahah". In short, now I need to find a last minute recipe which I usually find via Pinterest or just a quick google search. In the scenario that you haven't realized how quickly the holiday is coming up, I'll link an easy, but GOOD recipe that I found so that you don't have to scurry and find one!

Feel free to share with me your last minute or just favorite Thanksgiving quick/side dishes and I will share them for everyone to check out!

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