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Invasive Plant Rule takes effect April 18th

Known as the Terrestrial Plant Rule, this legislative rule tries to stem the proliferation of invasive species. Invasive species contribute to the loss of biodiversity, degradation of natural habitats, decreased agricultural yields, negative impacts on public utilities, recreation and tourism. Over $8.6 million dollars are spent annually in Indiana to try to manage these 44 invasive plants.

As of April 18, 2020, no one may sell, gift, exchange, distribute, transport or introduce any of the 44 species listed in the Terrestrial Plant Law without a permit from the IN Department of Natural Resources. Curiously, two extremely invasive plants, the Callery (AKA Bradford) Pear and the Norway Maple are on the list. The explanation is that their inclusion would have too great an impact on local growers. You can do your part by not buying either of these species.

Click here to see the plants included in the Terrestrial Plant Rule:

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