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Introducing NEW HLCS Team Members!

Though I thoroughly enjoy being President, Publisher, Editor, Web Designer and all the other hats I wear as a part of what we do at HLCS, I am not getting any younger nor healthier. So to keep what we’ve built going it just makes sense to build a succession plan.

Last month I announced I was searching for my replacement. I’m incredibly happy to report, 2 wonderful people have joined the HLCS team!

I hope you will join me in welcoming Rachel Goss and Paige Pearison to the HLCS Team!

I will immediately begin sharing everything I do, how I do it, the tools I use and anything else I can to help them be successful. We will eventually all know all the components and be able to produce all the publications and web site. While we transition to them, I will continue working with them for a year if needed or more in some capacity if they want.

These 2 energetic and intelligent young women promise to bring a fresh perspective to HLCS and our publications.

I’m excited to see their contributions as we transition to them.

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