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Introducing Groups on the HLCS Web Site

  • Tired of Facebook?

  • Tired of endless advertisements in Facebook?

  • Tired of Facebook monitoring your every move?

  • Tired of Facebook censoring your content?

I still think Facebook has a lot of intrinsic value, but do find many of their practices annoying.

Now you have an option!

Our Groups function much like Facebook without all the Facebook intrusive practices.

The HLCS web site is very Facebook friendly in that any post to a group can be shared to your personal Facebook Feed, or favorite group. So, you don't have to abandon Facebook or your many friends built up there. Our site though can be a good alternative.

We've currently allowed any HLCS.Online Member to create a new Group. Much like Facebook you can make it a Public or Private group.

Some features like creating a new group, require you to Sign Up to our site. This has always been an option for people visiting the site. Membership allows some pages to be restricted to HL Residents only. Members on our site can optionally interact with each other by following or chatting. Any time you visit a feature that requires you to be logged in or signed up as a member, you'll receive a suitable prompt.

To view available Groups, in the drop down menu under "Home" click HLCS Groups

To create a new Group of your own, under the drop down menu under "home" click Choose or Create a Group.

This is new and we'll embellish as we learn more. Come to the HLCS Web site to check it out. Just click the web site image in the Blog or go to

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