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HL Charlie Beard Memorial Scholarship fund seeks donations - Share the Dream Campaign

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

By: HL Scholarship Committee

First, let's be clear... We will happily accept donations to our scholarship fund any time and in any amount!

Click the image of the QR code below or just scan it with your phone's camera, to go to the web site where you can donate to our scholarship fund.

You can copy the address and paste it in your browser, or just click on it.

Click an image to see a larger version.

The flyers in this article describe the new campaign by the Putnam County Community Foundation to help us participate in their funds matching initiative in October.

We'll share more about the Share the Dream campaign as the time draws near. You can donate now or later of course, but the timing for the matching funds campaign is very specific for 1 week in October.

See the flyers in this Blog, and use the QR Codes to navigate directly to our Fund for donating directly to the PC Foundation for our Scholarship program. Or just click on the QR Code to do so.

Just a little more information about our scholarship program.

We award two $1,000 scholarships each year to Students who are Heritage Lake residents.

We currently are trying to build up our funds to a point where they can be perpetually self funding. Our current funding has us close to achieving that for 1 of the scholarships, but we have a way to go to fully and perpetually support 2 scholarships each year.

Any amount you care to donate now, later or during this campaign will help us assure the scholarship survives long after current volunteers move on.

By our association with the Putnam County Community Foundation, your donations go through them and can therefore be tax deductible!

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