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Heritage Lake is being invaded

It's true. We're surrounded by invasive plant species. These species tend to spread aggressively and do harm to the environment by crowding out biodiversity and native plants. An example is garlic mustard which is terribly invasive. It not only shades out seedling native trees and plants but also changes soil chemistry to inhibit the growth of most other plants. The plant is also toxic to pollinators such as butterflies. Other invasive plants that you may have on your property are Bradford pear trees, Asian bush honeysuckle, burning bushes, barberry, periwinkle, English ivy and autumn olive; all of which are harmful.

The Heritage Lake Garden Club has invited Putnam County RIP (Remove Invasive Plants) to a community wide meeting to teach us how to identify and eradicate invasive species in our yards and vacant lots around the lake. Come learn what small part you can play in helping to stem these insidious plants.

HL Clubhouse, Thursday, March 12th at 7:00

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