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Hawkeye Storage Event Center - Dedication

May 29, 2022 was a special day at Heritage Lake with the dedication of the new Hawkeye Storeage Event Center to open the first of the season's Concert Series.

A lot of hard work and many generous donors made this special venue for the residents of the lake.

Construction started late as the concert committee had to navigate many bureaucratic waters to begin construction of their vision. Once started, though Aspire building contractors fought the clock and the weather and put in many hours to deliver the structure in 1 short week!

Judging by the size of the crowd, estimated nearly 1,000 that attended, many saw the dedication. For those that couldn't be there, the video of Carol's remarks is shown below.

There is more to do. In the coming weeks, we'll see the 'old' Pavillion remodeled to match the event center.

Thank you to Carol Bockleman, Rashell Harcourt, the entire Concert Series committee and all the donors just does not seem enough. Really WELL DONE!

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