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Gov Committe Report to HLPOA Board of Directors 1/11/2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This report covers the months of November, December of 2020 and first week of January 2021

Much of normal local government activities have been suspended by the COVID pandemic, and much of their actions have been dealing with COVID issues.

Health Dept mtg 11/20/2020

  • 2 resignations were confirmed at this meeting. Outgoing Medical Officer Robert Heavin, MD has retired from his post with the Health Department after 20 years of service. He was rewarded with appreciation and a plaque by the County Commissioners at the January 4 Commissioners meeting. He is replaced by Dr Adam Amos . Also, Lisa Zeiner, Environmentalist and Septic Inspector with the Health Dept, has resigned her post effective Dec 31 in order to accept her nomination as Director of PC Planning/Zoning. Lisa is replaced at the Health Dept by Kristen Seahorn, Environmentalist.

  • Additional salary for Health Board for COVID-19 Additional Duties has been approved and disbursed.

  • Dates for 2021 Health Board meetings are scheduled quarterly on 2nd Thursday of the months of Feb (11th), May (13th), August (12th), and Nov (18th due to Veterans Day conflict)


  • Our Heritage Lake community has two residents (Darcy and Chris Schafer) who are volunteers for PC CERT (Putnam County Emergency Response Team) and have been asked to assist the efforts of Putnam County Heath Department in the safety aspect of the COVID-19 vaccination roll out. The Schafers always consider their involvement in PC CERT an effort to keep Heritage Lake in the forefront of the minds of first and second responder organizations, and they will keep us posted on the status of vaccination rollout efforts.

County Commissioners mtg 11/23/2020

  • 911 Advisory Committee Ordinance was amended to reflect the change from Operation Life non-profit, to Putnam County EMS. The change from non-profit to County-owned services was a huge, though expensive, accomplishment for 2020. Remote areas of the county, such as here at Heritage Lake, are better served in emergencies, with ambulance response times lowered from 20+ minutes to 10 minutes or less. For new residents here, please note that Floyd Fire and local resident law enforcement almost always are first on the scene due to their proximity.

  • Melissa Ensor with Endeavor Communications appeared to present solicitation for county phone/internet and IT services for all PC departments. Commissioners gave her the go-ahead to proceed with a cost analysis, involving contact with all affected depts.

  • Dr Robert Heavin, retiring Medical Officer to PC Health Board appeared to accept recognition for his 20 years of service. He cautioned that COVID was ramping up and we should all be mindful of preventive measures more than ever.

  • New County Building Inspector had not been filled, as no one person expressed an interest in a full-time position. Two persons had offered to work part-time, Commissioners discussed the likelihood that the position would be filled with 2 part-time persons.

County Council mtg 11/24/2020

  • Council members approved an Amended Salary Ordinance for the Health Board for additional duties in dealing with COVID-19.

  • Approved multiple county department funds transfers for end-of-year account reconciliations.

County Commissioners mtg 12/07/2020

  • 3 applications for Inspector for County Planning/Zoning Dept were unsealed and will be considered. 1 contractor and 2 individuals, (each individual preferring part-time work)

  • Landon Montgomery from Core Facilities INC presented their proposal for maintenance contract for county facilities, Commissioners will consider

  • Announcement of expiring Board position with the PC Airport Board

  • County website overhaul is again under consideration relative to current temporary hosting. Interested parties encouraged to present at first mtg of 2021.

  • Heather from PC Court System presented a proposal to operate with 2 teams on opposing shifts so as not to completely shut down the courts in this second COVID wave, as happened last Spring. Commissioners approved.

  • Highway Dept recovering from COVID cases involving much of the staff, starting winter road preps, still awaiting delivery of 6 new dump trucks. All old trucks will be sold off once new trucks are in operation.

  • Commissioners and Council members honored and congratulated Mr Glenn Beck, currently on the PC Council, for 50 years of service to Putnam County in roles with Commissioners, Council and EMS/911.

County Council Special mtg 12/07/2020

  • Council convened after the Commissioners mtg as a last Council mtg of 2020, primarily for additional appropriations or funds transfers:

    • E911 $44.5k additional appropriation and $4k dispatch OT approved. Approx $80k additional appropriations tabled until the new year

    • Court Clerk $13,080.00 additional appropriation for non-COVID approved

    • Sheriff $6k Additional appropriation for OT and $3850.00 inmate medical approved.

    • Platt Office new computer $2736.26 transfer from Platt funds

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