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Give thanks and get ready to shop!

The busiest shopping day of the year is right around the corner, thankful stomachs of turkey, stuffing and all the side dishes you can eat. We get together with family and friends to chow down and relax, pick on cousins we haven't seen in a while. Remembering why we celebrate this holiday and be thankful, and turn around and go nuts and hunt for the best deals less than 24 hours later. Where did this all start?

When researching this, it's really humorous the different reasons on the web as how the name "Black Friday" came about.

It is believed by many that the term Black Friday derives from the concept that businesses operate at a financial loss, or are “in the red,” until the day after Thanksgiving, when massive sales finally allow them to turn a profit, or put them “in the black.”

While that reasoning seems reasonable, here is another "why its called"

Black Friday because so many people went out shopping and caused traffic accidents and at times even violence. This list goes on and on. Weather you believe either of these, this is a day many people look forward to going to bed early or staying up late and waiting in line for discounted deals. I personally would rather wait for cyber Monday deals, what kind of holiday shopper are you? Like the rush of the so called black Friday, or wait for cyber Monday? Both? What's the craziest experience black Friday brings to your mind?

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