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Gardening for Butterflies

Zinnias attract butterflies as well as bees and hummingbirds. Adding a butterfly bush or two to your yard will also attract these fascinating creatures. The pollinator garden will feature butterfly bushes next year as well as milkweed and other flowering plants. The Garden Club is using mostly seed to grow these gardens and as such, the maturation of the gardens will take 3-5 years before we see full flowering, We have invited the community to add to the gardens with your deadheaded flowers and compost. At this time we need to add a warning. If any lawn treatment has been used for weeds, please do not add your compost to the gardens. The leftover herbicide in the treatments will be present in the compost, potentially affecting the gardens by either stunting or killing the growth. Thank you for helping by reading this blog and also our Facebook page.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, September(!) 8, 2022 at the clubhouse at 9:30am. Our lesson will be given by Anita Johnson. As a Master Gardener, she always has good information to share. Please join us.

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