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Eat lucky foods around the New Year?

It is said to be good luck to eat certain foods to bring in the new year, ever heard such a thing? Eating something ring shaped is believed to be symbolic of the years coming full circle. Ring shaped foods that come to my mind would be chicken rings or donuts. If looking to eat healthier, the next food item might be a better choice.

For several years now I've made it a tradition to eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day. It is said to bring good luck. Black eyed peas are packed with fiber and vitamin A, making new the year's resolutions a healthy and "lucky" option.

Another ancient superstition for the new year is Soba noodles. These are said to bring longevity if consumed in the new year. Weather you set new resolutions or not, different traditions around the world are taken into account believing luck, good fortune, and longevity throughout the year. What might be one of your own new year's lucky dishes?

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