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By The Time You Read This..

..Thanksgiving will have been celebrated and Holiday plans will be in full tilt boogie. This picture is of the new Christmas tree the Garden Club has purchased and donated to the community of Heritage Lake. The tree is planted at the Clubhouse Complex across from the playground. It is our vision that the tree will become part of the community's Holiday Celebrations in the years to come. Stay tuned for plans next year that will involve decorating this tree as a community and a related celebration.

The Garden Club's participation in the annual Holiday Bazaar was a success with the sale of flower bulbs that will bloom in their containers during the dark days of winter (if not before ) and festive wreaths. Thank you to all who purchased our goods.

The Club's next meeting is a Holiday Luncheon and gift exchange. This will be our last meeting for the year. Meetings will resume next March with new officers, some evening meetings and guest speakers. We hope you will join us.

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