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April Greetings and Reminders from the Clean Water Team

By: Phil McKinley

I am pleased to see that lawns are beginning to show more green as we approach a much anticipated summer season. So, it’s again that time for a friendly reminder about the use of fertilizers. Although some types and locations for aquatic plants can be beneficial, we don’t want to inadvertently cause undesirable growth throughout the lake.

Weeds and algae that we can prevent means we don’t need to pay for their removal later. To that end, we encourage you to limit the use of lawn fertilizers near the lake to only the amount that is really needed for an enjoyable lawn. Beyond that, please ensure that any fertilizer that is used is phosphorous-free, i.e. the middle of the three ingredient numbers is zero. If you use a lawn service, please communicate this request to such providers. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the recommended type of fertilizer is available at the Heritage Lake Garden Center as well as other retail locations in the area. Thanks for doing your part in this matter.

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