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Announcing Emergency Texting Service for Heritage Lake!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The POA has sanctioned a NEW service for Heritage Lake!

We are now rolling out the new Emergency Texting System.

Thanks to a few generous sponsors listed below, there is no cost to the POA.

The purpose is simple. To get emergency or time sensitive information to as many residents as possible, using email or even social media is not reliable. Texting assures those who allow it, are notified immediately.

You must be pro-active and choose to OPT-IN to the service, see below for details.

To Opt IN to the service, just click the image of the OPT IN form, or click HERE

To see Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, click HERE

If you get a text message from 765-217-6637 it is from the texting system and you might consider adding it to your safe senders list on your smart phone. Different phones have their way to do that but generally it amounts to just “allowing the number” in case it shows up as a suspicious or spam risk.

Sincere thanks to the POA for allowing this to happen, and specially to the following Sponsors!

The OPT IN form:

Our Sponsors!

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