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America to celebrate her 246th year July 4

By: Rick Miller

As I was contemplating and searching for an image for the cover of the July Highlights, I wanted something to celebrate our 246th Independence Day.

I found this one with the 3 most iconic images of our patriotism I personally and deeply cherish.

As I was prepping it for publication, it occurred to me that this grand experiment our forefathers created must have been truly blessed by God to withstand all the tests our country has endured. Forming a Constitutional Republic, ruled Democratically, was both insightful and brilliant as they ensured our freedoms rivaled by no other nation on the planet. The song, God Bless America, it's lyrics and melody rang through my mind as I viewed the image.

It then occurred to me, we seem to be in dire need of his blessings once again.

I chose not to spoil the image or the sentiment with the typical page headings of the publication, because it says so much with very few words.

In all of human history, no nation has stood forever. We can only hope ours can be the exception. They say, "Freedom Isn't Free" and is evidenced by the many wars we've engaged in. Not including the many Indian wars we fought during our westward expansion, there have been many. Some were clearly justified, a few not so much, and one considered a defeat, but all were costly in terms of loss of the brave men and women we sent to fight them.

As we celebrate our 246th year, we find our nation in a mighty struggle to withstand so many issues domestically and globally. It is concerning and a bit frightening to us as we see daily the issues threating our freedoms, our finances and without exaggeration our way of life.

So it is that I pray daily, God Bless America Again

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